Cardio Boxing taken to a whole new level. This is not your average cardio boxing class where we just punch the bags; this class is, designed for amateur, pro, and cardio boxing participants of all levels. The participant will learn the fundamentals of boxing first, proper and correct stance, how to punch correctly without injury to the hands and wrist, how to properly wrap with the appropriate length wraps for contact and non-contact punching. The secret of most elite professional fighters and athletes is an intense and regimented cross-training program focused on strength, power, and speed.

Our trainers demonstrates proven upper body and core plyometrics essentials designed to build title- fight-endurance, athletic strength, explosive power and amazing speed. Ultimate push-up workout to build power, dumbbell routines to increase speed and endurance, the ABSolute top abdominal workout to build core strength, lateral movements drills, dumbbell lunges and side slides, medicine ball squat thrusts, static jumps and more and finally a peak conditioning workout to maintain that razor sharpness and aerobic edge for that body. For more information on the upcoming Cardioboxing classes contact

Theresa Nelson-Spearman at 317-513-1907, email or FB under my name.

Location: Strength Factory 2420 E. 55th PL. Indianapolis Indiana right off 56th Keystone across from Subway.