Strength factory is a high energy, enthusiastic, competitive training company that is aimed at reaching each clients individual goals. At Strength factory we take on an instinctive training approach like no other training company in the nation. As you will see, our workouts are constantly changing to ensure that our clients will never plateau or get accustomed to the same routine. We believe that “what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger!” And a stronger healthier body in turns makes a strong mind. Strength Factory trainers will push you to the point of failure. By doing so we also strengthen your mind. Realize that most of our workouts are not made to be completed. therefore you will try harder and harder to accomplish the goal next time. Remember “Results start when you start!” Now lets get started.

“We at STRENGTH FACTORY are dedicated to providing exceptional exercise programs that will guide you towards achieving your goals. All of our exercise programs are accepted by nationally accredited organizations.”
About the Owner

Clarence Walton has been an exercise enthusiast for the past 15 years. While being the owner of Strength Factory Personal Training, Clarence Walton has a passion for fitness and helping his clients to understand that good health is not just for a short time, but it’s a way of life. Clarence Walton has a number of certifications including yoga, kickboxing cardio, group, and personal training. He works with all ages of life. From the young child to the high school athlete to the middle age client and up to the elderly. He believes that you’re never too young to begin to exercise and you’re never too old to build lean muscle and get back in shape. He gained his credibility when he worked for LA Fitness as the Personal training director from 2008 -2011, where he would oversee 21 trainers and 3 managers. With a certificate from Prairie State of Illinois for entrepreneurship he decided that after years with LA Fitness it was time to take on a more challenging position that would allow him to utilize his skills as an manager, trainer, program organize, and business operator.

Clarence and a former trainer of his founded Strength Factory as a online personal training company in April of 2010 while they both were employed at L.A. Fitness. They both knew that neither of them would stay with that corporation for much longer, so they both left the company. While the other trainer decided to pursue of avenues of revenue, Clarence kept the company name and started taking on actual clients at sub leased locations. In 2012 SFPT subleased its first location that was only 600 square feet located inside a weight lost clinic. Hard work pays off, and good work speaks for itself. Now Strength Factory PT is a 3300 square foot personal training facility that offers yoga, zumba, hip hop aerobics, cardio kickboxing, group boxing, boot camp, Group Training classes, and one on one personal training. With no large memberships for open gym activity, Strength Factory is the place for you if you are looking to get inshape with a team of trainers that actually put the “Personal” in Personal training.